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To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. 1. The Diamond of Drury Lane
Capturing superbly the hustle and bustle, flair and extravagance of late Eighteenth Century times in England's renowned capital, The Diamond of Drury Lane introduces its feisty heroine with an undeniably exciting first adventure. This is historical fiction for young readers at its best--authentic, exciting and fast-moving.

2. Cat Among the Pigeons
The second episode in the CAT ROYAL ADVENTURE series plunges readers into the underbelly of London in a mission for justice. Pedro’s old slave master wants him back, but his friends on Drury Lane won’t give him up without a fight. Disguised as a boy, Cat enters an aristocratic boarding school and scales the heights of London society before joining a street gang to probe its depths, all to secure the freedom of her friend.

3. Den of Thieves
Vive la Revolution!
In Cat Royal’s third thrilling adventure, the Theater Royal is closed for renovations. Cat’s friends plan to spend the summer in France, leaving her homeless and alone. But Mr. Sheridan, the theater owner and Cat’s guardian, commissions Cat to act as his spy in the French Revolution. Disguised as a member of a dance troupe, Cat infiltrates the front lines, but when her friends are captured as traitors, her mission becomes perilous. Will Cat be able to save them all from certain death? Travel with Cat from London to Paris, as she braves dungeons, revolutionaries, ballerinas, and numerous suitors, all in the name of freedom!

4. Cat O'Nine Tails
I am Cat Royal – Orphan, Adventurer, Actress...
As an orphan brought up in the attic room of theatre I could not have imagined leaving London, let alone Europe. But when you rub shoulders with both the highest and lowest of society - as I have - you can never be sure where the winds will take you. When I uncover a plot to kill one of my dearest friends I find myself with no choice but to take to the high seas!

5. Black Heart Of Jamaica
While performing with a traveling theatre company in the heart of the Caribbean, Cat is lured into a terrible trap, and stranded on a slave plantation. Can Cat trust a crew of unscrupulous pirates to help her on her way?

6. Cat's Cradle
Following the multi award-winning The Diamond of Drury Lane, here we present the sixth volume from our famous feisty heroine Cat Royal...Cat's Cradle.In which Cat Royal spins a tale about the search for her family, weaving in friends and foes, old and new. Her journey takes her from riotous London to a revolutionary cotton mill on the River Clyde in Scotland.And a mysterious newcomer is introduced...So take your seats, ladies and gentlemen: the Industrial Age has arrived.

From Age 9yrs +


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