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All of the following books are included

Regular Series
1.Kristy’s Great Idea (August 1986) - The Baby-sitters Club is formed by four best friends. They are Kristy Thomas (president), Claudia Kishi (vice president), Mary Anne Spier (secretary), and Stacey McGill (treasurer).
2.Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (October 1986) - The babysitters receive mysterious phone calls while babysitting, and Claudia believes that it is Stoneybrook's Phantom Caller, a sneaky jewel thief.
3.The Truth About Stacey (December 1986) - The truth about Stacey is that she has diabetes.
4.Mary Anne Saves the Day (February 1987) - Mary Anne has never been a leader, but when the Baby-sitters Club have a huge fight, she's left alone and the Baby-sitters Club might fall apart unless she does something fast. Will she be able to save the Baby-sitters Club?
5.Dawn and the Impossible Three (May 1987) - Dawn babysits three wild children of a recent divorce: Buddy, Suzi, and Marnie Barrett. Also, Kristy thinks things were better without Dawn.
6.Kristy's Big Day (July 1987) - Kristy's mother gets married. Kristy is a bridesmaid, and the Baby-sitters Club babysits for the children of the guests, which causes chaos.
7.Claudia and Mean Janine (September 1987) - Claudia has issues with her sister Janine, even as her grandmother Mimi suffers from a stroke.
8.Boy-Crazy Stacey (November 1987) - While spending two weeks at the Jersey shore as mother's helpers, Mary Anne objects when Stacey neglects her babysitting duties after falling in love with Scott the lifeguard.
9.The Ghost at Dawn's House (January 1988) - Dawn thinks that her old house is haunted.
10.Logan Likes Mary Anne! (February 1988) - New boy Logan Bruno and Mary Anne like each other.
11.Kristy and the Snobs (March 1988) - Kristy moves to a new neighborhood following her mother's marriage, when she is made to feel inferior to the other residents, especially when they make fun of her sick dog. Also, a new associate member named Shannon Kilbourne joins the Baby-sitters Club.
12.Claudia and the New Girl (April 1988) - An artistic new student, Ashley Wyeth, tries to convince Claudia to quit the Baby-sitters Club.
13.Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye (May 1988) - Stacey moves back to New York, and the members of the Baby-sitters Club find it hard saying goodbye to her.
14.Hello, Mallory (June 1988) - Following Stacey's move, the Baby-sitters Club invites Mallory Pike and her friend Jessica "Jessi" Ramsey to join the club.
15.Little Miss Stoneybrook ... and Dawn (August 1988) - The Baby-sitters Club gets involved in a children's beauty contest.
19.Claudia and the Bad Joke (December 1988) - Claudia's leg is broken by a sitting charge who pulls a prank, which causes her to consider quitting the Baby-sitters Club.
20.Kristy and the Walking Disaster (January 1989) - Kristy babysits a "klutzy" charge named Jackie Rodowsky, and starts the softball team "Kristy's Krushers".
21.Mallory and the Trouble with Twins (February 1989) - Mallory babysits troublesome twins and tries to convince her parents to let her get her ears pierced.
22.Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter (March 1989) - Jessi Ramsey has to take care of a house full of animals.
23.Dawn on the Coast (April 1989) - Since her parents' divorce, Dawn lives in Connecticut with her mother, while her brother and father are in California. After a week's vacation in Southern California, Dawn isn't sure she wants to return to the East Coast. She must choose to live in either Stoneybrook or California.
24.Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise (May 1989) - Kristy and the Baby-sitters Club plan a huge outing as a Mother's Day surprise for their clients.
25.Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger (June 1989) - Mary Anne's kitten goes missing, and the members of the Baby-sitters Club are determined to help find him, except for Logan.
26.Claudia and the Sad Good-bye (July 1989) - Claudia's family suffers a great loss when her grandmother Mimi dies.
27.Jessi and the Superbrat (September 1989) - Jessi babysits a TV star.
28.Welcome Back, Stacey! (October 1989) - Stacey's parents divorce and she chooses to live with her mother in Stoneybrook.
29.Mallory and the Mystery Diary (November 1989) - Mallory finds an old diary that contains a mystery that involves a painting.
30.Mary Anne and the Great Romance (January 1990) - Mary Anne and Dawn are ecstatic when they discover that Dawn's mother and Mary Anne's father are planning to get married.
31.Dawn's Wicked Stepsister (February 1990) Dawn starts having problems living with Mary Anne.
32.Kristy and the Secret of Susan (March 1990) - Kristy babysits an autistic child.
33.Claudia and the Great Search (April 1990) - Claudia is unable to find any pictures of her as a baby, which causes her to believe that she may be adopted.
34.Mary Anne and Too Many Boys (May 1990) - When Mary Anne and Stacey return to the Jersey shore as mother's helpers, Mary Anne realizes that boys can make life complicated for her and her friends.
35.Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook (June 1990) - The Baby-sitters Club and Charlotte Johanssen investigate the terrible noises coming from the old Hennessey place, which was built on top of a graveyard.
36.Jessi's Baby-sitter (August 1990) - Jessi feels restricted and angry when her aunt moves in and tries to take control of her life.
37.Dawn and the Older Boy (September 1990) - The members of the Baby-sitters Club are determined not to let Dawn get hurt by her boyfriend Travis, who is older and always bossing her around.
38.Kristy's Mystery Admirer (October 1990) - Kristy receives mystery love notes, which soon turn threatening.
40.Claudia and the Middle School Mystery (January 1991) - Claudia is accused of cheating on a test, and the Baby-sitters Club is determined to clear her name.
41.Mary Anne vs. Logan (February 1991) - Mary Anne has a fight with and breaks up with her boyfriend.
42.Jessi and the Dance School Phantom (March 1991) - Jessi is thrilled when she earns the lead in her dance school's latest ballet, until someone starts sabotaging her rehearsals and sending her threatening messages.
43.Stacey's Emergency (April 1991) - During a visit to New York, Stacey's diabetes causes her to go to the hospital.
47.Mallory on Strike (September 1991) - Mallory needs peace and quiet if she's going to win the Young Authors Day Award for Best Overall Fiction in the Sixth Grade, but the only way to get it is to stop babysitting, even for her own brothers and sisters.
48.Jessi's Wish (1991) - When Jessi volunteers to help supervise the Kids Can Do Anything Club, she meets a nine-year-old named Danielle, who, although very sick with cancer, faces her future with courage and hope.
49.Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street (November 1991) - Claudia feels insecure when she babysits a gifted young girl named Rosie Wilder.
50.Dawn's Big Date (January 1992) - Dawn tries to give herself a new image by changing her hair, makeup, clothes, and personality, but worries about whether her friends and her penpal Lewis will like the new Dawn Schafer.
52.Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies (March 1992) - Mary Anne and Logan have a baby to look after for a school project.
55.Jessi's Gold Medal (June 1992) - Jessi takes up synchronized swimming during the summer, and struggles to balance practice with her babysitting.
56.Keep Out, Claudia (August 1992) - A racist family does not want Claudia to sit for them.
57.Dawn Saves the Planet (September 1992) - Dawn takes action against pollution, but becomes obsessed and risks losing her friends and ruining her reputation.
58.Stacey's Choice (October 1992) - Stacey is forced to choose between her parents again when her mother is sick and her father has an important event.
59.Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym) (November 1992) - Gym class begins to ruin Mallory's life.
60.Mary Anne's Makeover (December 1992) - Mary Anne gets a haircut and a new look.
61.Jessi and the Awful Secret (February 1993) - Jessi meets a dancer and suspects that she has an eating disorder.
67.Dawn's Big Move (September 1993) - Dawn decides that seeing her father and brother only on holidays isn't enough, and decides to move back to California for six months.
70.Stacey and the Cheerleaders (December 1993) - Stacey tries out for the cheerleading squad. When she falls in love with a basketball player, she begins to think her friends are not mature.
80.Mallory Pike, #1 Fan (November 1994) - Mallory discovers that her favorite author lives in Stoneybrook.
85.Claudia Kishi, Live from WSTO! (May 1995) - Claudia works for a radio station, and must deal with her assistant, Ashley Wyeth.
86.Mary Anne and Camp BSC (June 1995) - The Baby-sitters Club runs a summer camp for children, but when Mary Anne's father goes away on a business trip, she becomes depressed.
90.Welcome to the BSC, Abby (October 1995) - Abby Stevenson decides to join the Baby-sitters Club, but when Kristy starts doubting her after a health scare, Abby sets to prove she belongs.
91.Claudia and the First Thanksgiving (November 1995) - Claudia's drama class writes a Thanksgiving play for the children at Stoneybrook Elementary, but some parents and teachers say it's un-American and protest.
94.Stacey McGill, Super Sitter (February 1996) - Stacey is taken advantage of by a new client.
99.Stacey's Broken Heart (August 1996) - Stacey fears it's the end of her relationship with Robert as she prepares to visit New York City for a week.
101.Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout (October 1996) - Claudia is sent back to the seventh grade, where she doesn't know anyone.
117.Claudia and the Terrible Truth (March 1998) - Claudia is worried that her new babysitting charges are being abused.
122.Kristy in Charge (September 1998) - Kristy is involved in a feud with Cary Retlin when they are assigned to teach gym together.
123.Claudia's Big Party (October 1998) - Claudia hosts a party between her old and new friends when her parents are out of town.

Super Specials
1. Baby-sitters on Board! (July 1988) - The girls fly to Florida to cruise the Bahamas and visit Disney World.
6. New York, New York! (June 1991) - The babysitters visit New York City for two weeks.
12. Here Come the Bridesmaids! (December 1994) - Dawn's father is getting married in California, and a Baby-sitters Club client is getting married in Stoneybrook on the same day.

Baby-sitters Club Mysteries
5. Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic (August 1992) - Mary Anne finds out the truth about her past.
6. The Mystery at Claudia's House (November 1992) - Weird things are happening to the Kishi family when Claudia's room is ransacked and her sister is caught lying to their parents.
8. Jessi and the Jewel Thieves (April 1993) - Jessi visits her friend Quint in New York City and when they overhear two men discussing a jewel heist, they have to investigate.
9. Kristy and the Haunted Mansion (June 1993)- Kristy and her softball team get caught in a storm and spend a night in a haunted mansion.
11. Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum (November 1993) - Claudia is visiting Stoneybrook's new museum when several thefts occur. Claudia has to find the culprit and save the museum.
14. Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall (April 1994) - The babysitters are working at the Washington Mall for a class, and they begin to wonder if it's safe to shop there after a series of thefts happen.
20. Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery (April 1995) - A school trip takes Mary Anne to the zoo and a mystery arises when they discover someone has been letting animals out of their cages.
22. Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade (October 1995) - Strange things are happening at Stoneybrook Middle School as Stacey helps plan a Halloween dance.

Super Mysteries
2. Baby-sitters Beware (December 1995) - A rock is thrown through Kristy's window, Stacey is almost run down by a car, and a fire is set at Claudia's house. Are the Baby-sitters club members being stalked? They hope things will change when Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, and Abby go with Kristy's family on vacation at Shadow Lake. But the accidents just get scarier...

Special Edition Readers’ Requests
3. Shannon’s Story (September 1994) - Shannon Kilbourne is usually a good girl, but when her mother announces she's chaperoning Shannon's school trip to Paris, that might change.

Portrait Collections
4. Mary Anne's Book (March 1996)

Baby-sitters Club Friends Forever
5. Kristy Power - Kristy and Cary Reitlin are paired together to write biographies about each other, and Kristy discovers that Cary has a secret.

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