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06-26-2012, 05:04 AM

March's recipes are outstanding, as are her instructions for preparation. This book was really well researched and written. I like that she includes information on companies that sell vegan- and vegetarian-friendly pre-packaged meals, plus sources for possibly hard-to-find ingredients. ('Instant' wild rice? Fantastic!) I haven't had a chance to put some of the recipes to the test because I don't have a dehydrator yet, and that features prominently in some of the recipes. However, there are plenty of other options to try without one. And here's the kicker - this is like two cookbooks in one. You can prepare many of these recipes for every day use, and just skip the parts about dehydrating and preparing the food for hiking, etc. The recipes are fine for everyday cooking - they are not just 'desperation' meals you would assemble for being on the go. So that's like getting a 'regular' cookbook and a 'backcountry' cookbook all for one price.

Even better than that, she gives lots of instructions for designing your own recipes. If you have a favorite dish that you'd like to take into the backcountry, she gives instructions on how to dehydrate it, or how to prepare it so you can take it with you. She also has lots of pointers that you might not think about on your own, like separating granola into individual serving portions for each person, which helps cut down on the chance for illness, since no one with dirty hands can dip into the communal bag of granola. She has lots of advice on stoves and cooking. She has information on food planning, menus, cooking skills and styles, weight limitations, methods for rehydrating food, advice about when to eat light and eat heavy, food storage advice, etc. This book is just packed with helpful information. It's also fun just to read - she has a great writing style that is clear and helpful.

It's not clear from the title, but March also focuses on foods for people who have to avoid gluten. Recipes that are gluten-free are clearly marked.

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, eating gluten-free, or just bored with the same old campfire fare, this book has a lot to offer!