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  1. What are you reading Now ?
  2. Which Format do You Prefer ?
  3. Coming Soon! Which future Releases can't you wait to put your hand on ?
  4. The Author's Name Game
  5. Which host sites you recommend, and why?
  6. What is Your favorite novels??
  7. The Book Cover's Game
  8. Oh my God!!!!!!! (Your First Book)
  9. That book you remember the plot of but not the name...
  10. GAME : Which cover it is ?
  11. Audiobooks
  12. Do you remember .. (first E-Book)
  13. Removing the DRM from books
  14. Letting go of the paper book | paper vs ebook
  15. E-Readers
  16. What genre do you prefer? Romances? mysteries? biographies?
  17. Lilliana Hart
  18. Got cold feet trying to share a book
  19. Who is your Dream Hero?
  20. Favourite Introductions...
  21. Recommendation for time traveling books
  22. What is your Favorite Book Series?
  23. The library as museum
  24. Is digital publishing good for the publishing business?
  25. What is going on with 4shared?
  26. Is it Ok to post share links in other forums?
  27. mm romance discussion
  28. Need book recommendations-Cat Shifter Romances
  29. The Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima
  30. The Lumatere chromicles by Melina Merchetta
  31. Who is your Favorite Author?
  32. Book Challenges and gems they uncover
  33. Converting file problem
  34. GAME : Which cover it is ?
  35. Can someone explain how to open rar files
  36. Favorite plot theme/element in romances?
  37. What kind of non-fictional either paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, historical books are worth reading?
  38. Mystery author? Other than Dean Koontz
  39. a really good lovestory: True love is worth waiting for...
  40. Book Series That You've Fallen Out of Love With....and Why
  41. Harlequin or erotica?
  42. Do you judge a book by the cover?
  43. Paranormal Romance Book Suggestion, please?
  44. What plots/storylines do you hate in romance novels?
  45. If I were on a deserted Island.. which 5 romance books would I like to have with me?
  46. Suggest chicklit novels
  47. The book which helped shape your life...
  48. Deadlocked - charlaine harris- big letdown
  49. Rock Star Romance/Erotica/Fiction Recomendations
  50. Summer's nearly here...any ideas on what books to take with you?
  51. Authors obviously "inspired" by other authors
  52. More Please!
  53. Books you could not finish... AKA Wallbangers
  54. Audio book readers?
  55. Books in different languages
  56. fairie tales
  57. Good Sci-fic romance recommendations?
  58. Favorite Time to Read
  59. What book have you read more than once?
  60. Do you stick to genres when you read?
  61. Good sports themed books?
  62. Do you have any good fantasy M/M stories?
  63. recommendations for family reunion theme.....
  64. Fifty Shades
  65. The importance of a cover
  66. ebooks similar to Laurann Dohnner's New Species
  67. Rar file on calibre conversion?? Help
  68. June 2012 - GAME : Which Cover it is ?
  69. cassandra clare
  70. Books that make you cry
  71. recomendations for a good menage book
  72. ebook apps
  73. good mystery books
  74. Mob romances
  75. Star wars
  76. Reading too much?
  77. Favorite character
  78. 'Ugly Duckling' story recommendations?
  79. E-Reader help
  80. Which books have touched your heart and stayed in your mind?
  81. Hero or Heroine raising their sibling
  82. Kidnapped, Tortured heroes
  83. Falling In Love with your Best Friend/Brothers Best Friend/Best Friends Brother
  84. Cop/Firefighter Books
  85. Gabriel's Inferno and Rapture now more suggestions for like these?
  86. Authors Similar to Terry Brooks???
  87. Menage M/M books
  88. I need recommendation for a different type of book
  89. Highlander Books
  90. *Friendship turns to Love* stories?
  91. Unrequited Live by Heroine???
  92. Book Suggestion for - Erotic : Futuristic/ Sci-Fi Novels
  93. Who's better -- Jodi Picoult or Diane Chamberlain??
  94. book suggestions where the heroine is a dancer
  95. your favorite heroine
  96. Mary Calmes Books
  97. What is the sexiest book you have ever read?
  98. Giant H petite h rec
  99. Suggest Romantic Suspense
  100. Product placement becomes part of the story?
  101. most often used quotes/phrases in romances....
  102. need recommendation for a book like beautiful disaster
  103. Who is He gonna be and why?
  104. Do you check spoilers for HEA before reading?
  105. Suggestions for Urban Post-Apocalyptic // Zombie Apocalypse ... Like Resident Evil type books
  106. Suggest romance/comedy book
  107. anyone read some life affirming books ?
  108. funny and educational ?? is it possible can anyone list some great non- fiction books
  109. Can you recommend romance books with M/F over 40?
  110. Knight by Kristen Ashley....Best book ever!
  111. Working my way through this list :D
  112. Viking Series- Recommendations
  113. Lord of white hell
  114. Linda Howard - I love all her books
  115. Twin sister's theme???
  116. any songs you tend to listen to when reading books??
  117. looking for novels where heroine thinks hero is shy but actually he is not
  118. What Book should I read after Fifty Shades???
  119. Looking for suggestions for humorous paranormal series
  120. Soul Screamers
  121. Can someone recommend books with hidden identities.
  122. What's your fav interracial book/auther?
  123. reading trend over time
  124. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooooooo !!!!! Library deleted
  125. Are the Grey Series really worth reading?
  126. 2012 Mayan Prophecy.
  127. Beserker Series?
  128. What is your favorite harlequin presents book ?
  129. Johanna Lindsey collections_the Malory series
  130. Blaze or Presents
  131. Books where the main character gets sucked into a book?
  132. Suggestions of dark or anti-hero?
  133. Password for ebooks
  134. I have found heaven
  135. The Hunger Games
  136. Arthurian legends book
  137. Pseudo Incest Genre- Hot or Not ??
  138. Looking for book suggestions w/ curvy (not stick thin) heroine...
  139. Recurring characters...
  140. Is there a book you have been waiting forever for?????????
  141. Favorite Paranormal romance books
  142. Books that kept you up all night longggggg!
  143. what is the oldest book you own ?
  144. newsflesh trilogy what did you think?
  145. Books with Hollywood Superstar H/h
  146. Skipping to the Back of the Book
  147. Romance novels retelling Greek mythology?
  148. Is there a request section here...?
  149. Books you wouldn't read in public!
  150. Ebook Suggestions for - Erotic : Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast Themes
  151. Ebook Suggestions - Erotic : Futuristic/Paranormal
  152. Just curious, are there any non-US residents having trouble getting free Kindle eBooks?
  153. Q: Books in other languages... ?
  154. favorite romance/comedy book
  155. Recommendations for overbearing men and their females in Romance
  156. Who do you think should play Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey) in the movie?
  157. Getting Addicted to Harlequin Books
  158. Recommendations for great grovel-scenes (only contemporary please)
  159. Similar books to kristen ashley
  160. New here- What do I do now?
  161. Rooting for the underdog...
  162. Top 100 Romance Novels of 2010 (According to AAR)
  163. Best 2011 Romance Novels?
  164. Sweet Valley Novellas
  165. Books with thieves as heroes/heroines?
  166. Books with assassins as heroes/heroines?
  167. Any recommendations for a military book series?
  168. loose id website down?
  169. Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc
  170. 4FastFile
  171. Recomendations for a vampire/werewolf romance novel or any paranormal romance novel
  172. romances with psychic elements....?
  173. Looking for a Strong Female Lead- Any Recommendations?
  174. Vampire Academy Series
  175. Recommendations: What to read after Dorothy Dunnett?
  176. Best plain jane romances
  177. M/M Romance and F/F Romance?
  178. Erotic Fiction-Suggestions
  179. Historical Romance suggestions
  180. Romance series recommendations
  181. New Author suggestions
  182. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
  183. M/M Book Club Discussion on Man Hunt by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks
  184. Looking for books similar to Thoughtless, effortless and beautiful disaster
  185. Books with cat-burglar/thief as hero/heroine
  186. romance, mystery or paranormal genre Audiobook Suggestions
  187. Obsessive Jealous Hero (in erotic) Recs??
  188. Navy Seal, Special Ops, Black Ops, Etc.............
  189. Recommendation Frontier/ Western Historical Romance
  190. What book(s) would you like to see be made into movie(s)?
  191. MM romance author suggestions...
  192. Strong Temptation
  193. Leah Brooke
  194. AC Andrews
  195. Help..... sport related Romance book
  196. author death match!
  197. Trouble with rapidgator?
  198. A humorous british book which is entertaining
  199. I need a new suspense/thriller author to follow - any recommendations?
  200. Suggestions of kidnapping romance novels
  201. What's your Favorite Male/Female Ratio ???
  202. Who is your favourite CURVACEOUS heroine?
  203. Suggestions for SEAL or military themed romance?
  204. Protected Books
  205. Need a humorous british book
  206. MMF books
  207. Suggestions?
  208. Suggestions of romance with possessive heroes
  209. Looking for book suggestions? Falling in love with boss
  210. Looking for book suggestions? Best friends in love
  211. any books similar to the boy who sneaks in my bedroom window
  212. Mystery/Thriller Author Suggestion
  213. Any suggestions for a good Werewolf Novel?
  214. Books that make you snigger, whoop and break out laughing?
  215. would u want a audio ebook and which one?
  216. did anyone else not like fifty shades of grey?
  217. Is there a word that an author has overused in a book that you have read?
  218. Interracial ebooks black woman/white man (bwwm)
  219. Hey,Does someone have losing lila by Sarah Alderson
  220. anyone use a kobo reader
  221. Any other Mr. Darcy lovers?
  222. Writing a modern weapon
  223. What do you think of guys who read romance books?
  224. Why paranormal stories becoming populor ?
  225. Looking for books where hero is rich but pretends to be poor
  226. Suggestions for bwwm romance novels where heroine gets pregnant
  227. Old Harlequin books
  228. M/M Book Club Discussion on Marguerite Labbe 'All Bets are Off'
  229. M/M romance book club now accepting book nominations !!!!
  230. Do you like friends faling in love romance...?
  231. Suggestion of mm novel with good mpreg stories?
  232. Have you ever just had a book you refuse to read?
  233. Romance-Comedy
  234. Favorite rodeo/cowboy MM books?
  235. reading or listening
  236. Finished Reading Chelsea Cain's "Kill You Twice"
  237. Besotted-wrapped-around-heroine-lil-finger heroes!
  238. Judith mcnaught or Julie garwood "books like "
  239. Geoffrey Knight (M/M writer)
  240. The Things That Make Give In - Charlotte Stein - Similar Books
  241. Books like the opportunist?
  242. Minus & Solid Files Problem!
  243. Romantic authors e-books in spanish
  244. Free online MM fiction
  245. How many books have you read this year so far?
  246. does any one know good BDSM novels??
  247. Non-English-Speaking Writers: Simple Words vs Flowery Words
  248. Sylvia Day - Bared To You
  249. Books with Third Party in Relationship?
  250. Getting tired of serials